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This Post Is Free.

New Best Coast.

mp3 [via GvB [via stereogum]]


This Post Is About Hamburgers.

I used to associate McDonald’s with obese children, trans fat, and Morgan Spurlock vomiting out the window of his SUV. But now I see that Ronald McDonald is just a normal bro who drives a jeep, drinks beer, and knocks boots with Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty good about where 2010 is headed. Watch the video here.

This Post Is About Dum Dum Girls.

So I had the opportunity to listen to the upcoming Dum Dum Girls album, I Will Be, that is set to come out on the 30th. Of course it was great, but I’m worried that people won’t like the band because they don’t have a token fat-girl. I think it’s important for any primarily-female lo-fi group to have a heavier member. It makes the band look more approachable. It’s hard to listen to band when you’re too busy crying over the fact that every member is way out of your league.  Think, Vivian Girls have one, Mika Miko have two, Best Coast is one. Unfortunately for Dum Dum Girls, every member contributes to the epidemic of hairy palms. To make it worse, the lead singer Dee Dee used to be a librarian… heart melter. Do you think Dum Dum Girls should find a comfy-cozer to play tambourine or some other made-up instrument?

This Post Is About Nike, Unfortunately.

First post in a while. I feel like I’m letting you down. I feel like I’m not being the mentor that I should be. I feel like the mainstream is taking over. Phoenix was in a Cadillac commercial, Cold Cave showed up in a Radio Shack ad, and so on. Now Nike is giving away a limited number of free Best Coast downloads. When I think of sweatshop-made running shoes I rarely associate them with is Fuzzed-Out California Surf Rock. Apparently someone does though.

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