Do you ever worry about the future? Do you ever worry about the children? YRR does. YRR cares. YRR is just as terrified as you are about the prospect of having children. What do you do if your child grows up to be a frat-bro? What if he wears Oakley Sunglasses and a backwards fitted cap? Or what if she wears Uggs and a spray-on tan? Can you abort a 17 year old?

Perhaps it can all be avoided through proper upbringing. Try exposing your spawn to appropriate and culturally relevent television programming. Like Miss Piggy singing Peaches:

With some luck your kids might come out looking like this:

If you screw shit up and forget to teach them about SXSW and CMJ then you’ll be the parent that raised Fred Durst. How would that weigh on your conscience?


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