YRR Is Broke

The American economy is failing and Santogold changed her name to Santigold. Is there anything constant in this world? Where will the blog-economy be in a couple years? I’ve been brainstorming ways of making money. Someone has to pay for this domain name. I want to be like Obey. I want to make a shit-ton of money by denouncing money. Or maybe I can just try to appeal to tween boys in their “rebellious stage” and sell some generic anti-capitalist swag.

Perhaps I can go into the designer bag industry. It’s not like it takes actual talent to overcharge for a tacky bag that women only buy to make the “gals at the office”  envy their wealth/shallow frivolity.

Am I the next big thing in consumer culture? Would you ladies spend 3 months worth of rent on a YRR handbag? What do you gals think of the new YRR monogram? It’s genuine. 



1 Response to “YRR Is Broke”

  1. 1 Kevin March 14, 2009 at 7:27 am

    If you do make a series of designer handbags, you have to make sure to charge $300 and up for them, no matter the manufacturing cost. Only if it’s expensive can women brag to their friends about their new bag.

    But still make it available in China for $10

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