YRR Needs a Gimmick

In a world full of smart advertising and product placement how can Yeah Right Radio compete? It needs a gimmick. Should YRR:

a.) steal failblog‘s gimmick and exploit others’ misfortune?

b.) rip off Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian/Rosie O’Donnell and record a sex tape?

          b2.) or just stop wearing underoos when exiting cars?

c.) copy Chris Brown and start feeding broads knuckle sandwiches?

d.) go for American Apparel’s method? (BOOBIES!)

e.) just start tagging every post with  “Obama?”

f.) emulate Jessica Simpson by going chub and wearing some mom-jeans?

You decide. It’s like that time P. Diddy pretended to be politically informed and threatened our lives.

Here is a shot at that sex tape/How Ipods are made:

Personally, I’m leaning toward boobies.


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